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Underground Interview With TomCattt

TomCatttThomas Patton (TomCattt) is proudly Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. TomCattt's music is best described as easy listening,  sometimes retro, yet with a contemporary feel.  Accompanied by the creative tracks of a number of gifted musicians, Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa (TomCattt’s 1st Album) inspires imagination and finds a way to impress with a unique vocal sound, compelling harmony and gripping melody. Read More

Underground Interview With Olivia Cella


Singer and Actor Olivia Cella releases her new original “Us2". “Us2” is a beautiful pop melody with hints of R&B inspired by Grover Washington’s hit single “Just The Two Of Us”. Singer and Actor Olivia Cella releases her new original “Us2". “Us2” is a beautiful pop melody with hints of R&B inspired by Grover Washington’s hit single “Just The Two Of Us”.Read More

Underground Interview With Stefan Kristinkov

Stefan Kristinkov

Stefan Kristinkov is an eclectic composer, known primarily for his work in independent films and a clarinetist with extensive performing background, based in New York City. His compositional work has been greatly influenced by his extensive knowledge of ethnomusicology, jazz as well as Eastern-European minimalism and postmodernism. His music is fluid architectural design, focused motivic textures, stylistically eclectic compositional techniques, a highly expressive melodic, rhythmic and dynamic language, as well as imaginative developmental strategies. Read More

Underground Interview With Tony Underwood


Tony Underwood is a 2016 Fulbright Scholar to Serbia, developing jazz programs at the University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts. The 1st Fulbright Music Professor in this type of assignment.

Tony is the 1st African-Cultured American given the Alumni Award at the Yale School of Music in 1987, as a Classically trained Tuba Major and the first African-American to become a George Lucas scholar to the Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program at USC. Read More

Underground Interview with Silent Stranger

SilentStrangerSilent Stranger® comes from an earlier, more disciplined age of music, which explains why there are real instruments and strong production values attached to his work. Foundation influences compel a higher standard of composition and musicianship than is normally the case for an independent artist. Silent Stranger® emphasizes great songwriting, tight instrumentation and beautiful cascading harmonies. The songs have a timeless nature that classic/melodic rock fans will love to have in their collection. Read More

Underground Interview with Anthony Alan

AnthonyAlanAnthony Alan was born between the black and ivory of the keys. Gravitating to guitar at 15, the rocket was launched with no parachute or intent to return. Flash forward to the present & the machine is definitely in motion. Beyond blessed, the fear of success is what makes him his best. Anthony composes nearly all of his music and hires friends plus local professionals to complete his songs in the studio.

It's rock of some type, with a lot of emotional injection.   Read More

Underground Interview with Richard Puliti

SKP thesexykidprojectRichard Puliti is a rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer from Italy who has been in the music industry for 10 years. He first started playing the bass guitar at the age of 16. He formed his own band HAMMER in 2005 and they have since released two EPs, three full length albums, two live albums and a compilation album. Richard is composing new music, recording in studios and touring. Read More

Underground Interview With Gianni Ferretti



Gianni Ferretti was born in Tivoli (Roma) and studied piano, harmony and composition with M. Cleoto Silvani, while at the same time being interested in the study of synthesizers and their programming. His music is merely instrumental pop and rock music. Gianni was one of the founders of Creuza De Ma ', and his first CD was released by Lengimusic and produced by Pippo Spampinato. Read More


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11:45 am EST - Leo Carmichael

12:00 pm EST - Patty Reese New CD Let In The Sun

12:45 pm EST - The Corey Booth Project

1:00 pm EST - Face Dancer

1:15 pm EST - Tim Bennett

1:45 pm EST - Bridges Out Of Eden

2:15 pm EST - The Plea

2:30 pm EST - TomCattt

2:45 pm EST - Jerry JC Calvin

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